Editorial Services

Writing Content & Copy
In offering editorial services, I draw on 25 years of publishing, and communications and journalism experience. I strive to write interesting, intelligent copy and content geared to your specific reading audience.
I edit everything from one-paragraph bios to executive summaries and business plans to 400-page fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts. You decide what level of editing your writing requires.

What type of editing treatment does your writing need? Starting from a more global view and moving toward detailed fine-tuning, I can provide any of these services:

Development editing: Taking a look at the big picture, I can help you structure or restructure your writing, ensuring that it unfolds in a logical, interesting, and informative way, includes all of the information that it should, and leaves out anything extraneous or irrelevant. At this stage, we’re taking a broad sweep, perhaps developing an outline and considering which features and aspects of the work are required.

Line editing: Sentence by sentence, I will read through your writing to ensure that it has the correct tone for your audience and flows smoothly. Your text may require light editing or a heavier, more substantive treatment. I’ll look at your word selection, sentence and paragraph structure, use of parallelism and active voice. As I work, I’ll mark up your text and comment about the changes I’ve made and the logic behind them.

Copyediting: Although some copyediting may begin at the line editing stage, it is here that I’ll take an even closer look at the text. I’ll take into account accuracy, formatting, and style. Specifically, I’ll look at spelling, grammar, punctuation, jargon, terminology, and semantics. The end result? Copy that is clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent.

Proofreading: At this final stage in the editing process, the main point is to have “another set of eyes” to review your work. When you are too familiar with what you’ve written, it’s difficult to see the word in the sentence that you’ve repeated, the inconsistent spacing between sentences, or the random spelling error. This stage represents the chance to “fix” any remaining errors and a final fine-tuning of your prose before it’s ready to send off or publish.

Writing coaching: If you need a rigorous evaluation of how to make your writing even better, I can mark up your text with suggestions and provide a report analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. I’ll include numerous examples and model ways in which you can improve your style, tone, language selection, and reading interest. Instead of having you sit by passively while I wield my editing pen, I’ll give you some concrete new strategies and techniques to use in your future writing.